Find out what clients have had to say about working with Life Elevated…

I highly recommend Christine as a coach. I worked with her during a difficult time both at a professional and personal level. She helped me to reach clarity in my career, understand my behaviour patterns, improve my perception of myself and grow at a personal level. She is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly, with empathy and high integrity. She is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences to support you in pursuing your goals and dreams.

Karen Khoury

Dubai, UAE

The class last night with Christine was absolutely amazing! Wonderful to find a truly inspirational, wonderful yoga teacher. The sound meditation was wonderful and would highly recommended Christine’s rich and therapeutic classes by a highly skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Thank you!

Zoe Welch

Wales, UK

Welcoming class with expert tuition and anatomical knowledge from Chris who provides encouragement to grow in your own practice with plenty of options for all levels including demonstrations and modifications. Chris teaches an authentic yoga class with an open heart, spirit and energy whilst explaining how each pose benefits both the body and mind. A great path to physical wellness with a focus on centring and calming of the mind. Highly recommend Yoga with Life Elevated.

Kele Williams

Wales, UK

My first occasion with Life Elevated was last year at a sunset hike up to Pen-y-Fan, with yoga and meditation, all in celebration of international yoga day!

Up until then I had never tried yoga and had always wanted to give it a go. The whole evening was such a lovely experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga, helped even more by Christine’s lovely welcome.
So much so, I decided to go along to her weekly classes and haven’t looked back. 

I was hoping that yoga could help me with stiff shoulders that I had been suffering with for about a year and it was starting to concern me. At first, I struggled with some of the simplest moves that involved using my shoulders but after a little while, I could feel a definite improvement. With the classes and practicing at home it had really begun to paid off. On a physical level, yoga has improved my flexibility and strength. Mentally I feel more rebalanced and calmer after classes. My shoulders are now great too! 
Christine is such a superb yoga teacher. Her knowledge and patience is great and she’s hugely thoughtful. I’m very grateful for all her help and support.

Nicola Foster

Wales, UK

Had the most amazing and enlightening afternoon at the Moment to Breathe workshop. I look forward to every session with Life Elevated. Highly recommended! 

Rachel Coles

Wales, UK

I have been attending Life Elevated classes for a few months. As a beginner to yoga I have found these classes perfect. Christine explains the purpose of each position, how you should feel and recommends modifications if needed! At the end of each session the only ways to describe how I feel is fantastic, relaxed and different (in a good way)! Am loving our progression, thank you Christine!

Emma Pascoe

Wales, UK

This is by far the best yoga I have had the pleasure of trying. Thank you, Christine you are an inspiration.

Dawn Hollifield

Wales, UK

Thank you so much for the extra sound meditation & relaxation session as a Valentine’s gift on Friday. I am really enjoying your classes, they set me up for the weekend and my osteopath says I have much more mobility in my upper back.

Kathryn Peters

Wales, UK

Yoga retreat in Praia da Luz, Portugal. Such an incredible place!

We had the most amazing time in such a beautiful place.
From morning yoga to strolls along the beach. A catamaran cruise with some deep -sea swimming and SUP in the Atlantic ocean.
Spa afternoons, evening meditation and beautiful food.

Most definitely up there with the best weekends of my life! Thank you it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Nina Smith

Wales, UK

Fantastic session this evening. First ever experience of a sound bath and it was absolutely amazing. So very powerful. will definitely be back for the next.

Claire Harding

Wales, UK

First virtual Hatha class with Christine today: the perfect pick-me-up during these stressful times. Thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend. Namaste.

Rhian Llewellyn

Wales, UK

I worked with Christine in my previous role at Al Tayer. In that time, I observed that it was rare to meet someone who lived all the company values. I am very grateful for Christine’s support and her skills in coaching and mentoring throughout my journey with her. Christine had a significant impact on my personal growth. Thank you, Christine for being an inspiration to me.

Albine Boueri

Beirut, Lebanon

Christine coached me in 2015-16. Working with Christine was a life changing experience. Her calm and reassuring nature supported me to make some big changes in my life.  She helped me realise what I really wanted in my work and home life and empowered me to make the leap from employment in teaching to self-employment and my business has gone from strength to strength. During my time with Christine there were some real WOW moments. I felt like I could do anything! I would recommend her as a Coach wholeheartedly – she helped me get to my dream and take ownership of my journey! Thank you, Christine

Holly Dabbs

London, UK

Christine’s class was the first yoga class I have tried. I have poor flexibility and was a bit concerned about starting yoga, but from the second I walked into the class both Christine and all the other lovely people in the class made me feel like family. Very professional but extremely relaxing, calming, sometimes challenging but above all good for the soul! I highly recommend Hatha yoga or any of Christine’s classes – you will not be disappointed. Thanks for giving me a great understanding and also a love for yoga x

Kim Moroni

Sydney, Australia

I’ve been searching for an authentically trained teacher for some time and am blessed to have finally found that with Christine. Myself, friend & friends daughter attending Yin Yoga tonight for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience!
I am especially looking forward to the classes but to also experience further knowledge and understanding of the spiritual side of yoga.
Christine you’re a breath of fresh air! Many Thank You’s!!

Sheli Belli

Wales, UK

After being a part of the online Zoom Hatha yoga classes for the last few weeks, which are amazing, today I had my first yoga therapy session to help ease my lower back pain. This was absolutely outstanding, has really helped loosen up my tight muscles, and I cannot recommend enough! Thank you.

Sharon Richards

Wales, UK

Just experienced a wonderful session on breath and meditation. Every session with Life Elevated restores my emotional and spiritual well-being. Thank you!

Claire Williams

Wales, UK

I had thought about doing yoga for some time so when I found Chris’s class I was thrilled. Her classes are so beneficial to me. They enable me to totally relax. There is no pressure at all. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. Chris is so encouraging and puts everyone at ease. I would highly recommend these classes.

Gail Carney

Wales, UK

As I am Pregnant and suffer from anxiety, I thought I would give Life Elevated a try and so joined the sound bath meditation session to try to calm my thoughts and relax me. I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve done!! Chris the instructor is so kind and helpful and really guides you to relax. She makes you feel welcome and you get a sense of belonging straight away, which really helped with my nerves. I like the fact the classes are in small groups and not in big halls as this also helped me feel more at ease. Thank-you Chris, you are amazing at what you do and are so knowledgeable on what you teach. Highly recommended.

Sarah Hill

Wales, UK

Brilliant yoga retreat arranged by Christine. Yoga stimulating and restorative, the place tranquil and relaxing, alongside perfect company. Time for just yourself which we all deserve. Thanks Christine.

Anne Webster

Wales, UK

I absolutely love yoga classes with Chris. She’s an excellent teacher and I feel like I’m learning more each week and building confidence in my practise. I feel so good after attending a class – in mind and body.

Claire Watts

Wales, UK

I attended my first yin yoga class last night via zoom. I have fibromyalgia which is quite bad at the moment and the class definitely helped. I can’t wait for Covid to be over to attend a weekly class.

Sara Clare

Wales, UK